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Join Betfair football betting today to get a unique betting experience.  Betfair is predominantly used as a betting exchange.  When you use the exchange you are not placing bets with the bookie, but against other users.

There are a number of benefits to using an exchange.  For one you can pick the odds you wont (although another user needs to accept your offer).  Another benefit is the enhanced odds; 99% of the time they are higher than traditional bookies.  Finally, you don’t have to chose a particular outcome, you can back what the outcome wont be.  An example would be; if don’t think Liverpool will beat Spurs but can’t decide if it will be a draw or Spurs win.   In this case you can place a ‘lay’ bet that Liverpool wont win.


There are rivals to the Befair football betting exchange.  WBX and Betdaq are designed in the same mould, although not with the same number of members which makes it less efficient.  Even if you only use these sites as a traditional bookie you still get the benefit of the enhanced odds.

Use Betfair football betting and you can take advantage of the introductory free bet for everyone joining. After this they don’t follow up with too many more free bets, but there are regular money back specials.

As well as the Betfair football section, it also has all the features of regular bookmakers such as in-play betting, a mobile site compatible with smart phones, there’s also live streaming and casino.

If you’ve never used an exchange before don’t worry.  It’s really simple to work out the types of lay and back bet.  You’ll find it a lot more interesting then a conventional bookmaker.  

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