Football Betting 1×2

Football Betting 1×2 Bet

What does football betting 1X2 mean?

1×2 betting may be a term that confuses you a little, however the reality is you know exactly what it is – you just might not realise it.  It is often also refered to as 3 ways betting – this might make it a little more obvious!


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 In the football betting 1X2 format there are three  possible outcomes; team ‘A; to win, team ‘B’ to win,  or a draw.  You have to choose which of these 3 will  be the outcome.   This ordinary soccer bet; win,  draw or lose  is the classic 1×2 bet. For example,  England v Germany 1, X, 2, where you can bet on a  win for England, a win for Germany or a Draw –  there are no other results*.

 So, quite simply this is a reference to the old days  that the middle age generation will remember.  Back then you walked into a bookies rather than bet  on line, and on your betslip for each match was  three choices:

 –  a “1” – standing for home win.

 – a “2” – standing for away win.

 – and an “x” – standing for a draw

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Why place a 1X2 bet?

The 1×2 bet is the simplest form of all football betting.  There is no complicated calculation of weight odds, corner counts, tracking yellow cards.  It is a simple outcome of who you think will win a match.

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*  Note this refers to the typical outcome of a game, it does not include matches postponed, abandoned or other such outcome where all bets are voided and stakes returned.