Football Betting Doubles

The Best Football Betting Doubles


A great way to take advantage of enhanced odds is to place football betting doubles. This is where you pick two results and combine them.  This has the great advantage of turning a small stake into much bigger winnings by enhancing the odds.  Here is a worked example:

Chelsea are at odds of 2.0 to beat Newcastle

Liverpool are at odds of 2.5 to beat Southampton.

By placing a £10 stake on each, if both came in you could win £10 on the first match and £15 on the second.  A handsome profit of £25.  If they lose then you risk losing £20.

But now place just a £10 stake as a football betting double.

This time the Chelsea win the first game so you win £10.  You now have your £10 original stake plus the £10 winning used as a stake for the Liverpool game.  When this match wins you now have winnings of £30!

So as singles you risk £20 to win £25, but place the bet as football betting doubles and you only risk £10, but with the chance to win £30.  Less risk – bigger winnings!!

Most bookmakers offer football betting doubles, for a full list see our front page table here.  Some sites however do not allow related bets to be placed as a double, for example wont allow you to place bets in similar fields.  An example of this would be if you tried to place a bet on a 0-0 result and also on a straight draw, bet 365 would not allow this.   Each bookmaker has it’s own rules on related bet doubles, but we recommend the following bookies as the ones that offer the most flexible football betting doubles:


ladbrokes football

This includes a  a £25 free bet for new members.

sky bet football
this includes a £20 free bet for new members.