Football Betting Handicap




What is the football betting handicap?

Handicap betting is also know as a ‘spread’.  It works by one selection a deficit or ‘handicap’ before the event starts. In the same way, other selections in the same market receive a head start.  At the end of the match if your teams score is greater than the opponents after the handicap has been applied then you win.

The reason for this type of bet is to make a market closer, so the chance of an unlikely result has more probability of happening.

Football betting handicap may be offered in a number of ways:

Handicap Match Betting

During a match, handicap match betting gives a team / player a deficit or handicap to overcome when the match starts and you bet on who will win with the handicap taken into account.

No Draw Handicap Match Betting

This is similar to handicap match betting. The market eliminates the possibility of a ‘Handicap Tie’. A team is given a handicap but with a half extra for example +2.5.  This means with the handicap there will be no draw, one team would be up or down by 1/2  so there can be no tie.

An example of this would be a football team given a handicap of +2.5 goals. The 2.5 goals would  be added to the total at full time and if its more than the other team’s total then they they would win.

“If a No Draw Handicap Match market is inadvertently offered for an event where a draw has occurred, all stakes will be returned as Void”
Handicap League Betting

This is where the bet goes over the entire season. the team that is the favorite to win the league has a handicap of zero. Each team is then given a positive handicap or head start of various amounts for example plus 3 points, plus 7 points and so on, right through to the weakest team which is given the most starting points of say plus 25.

When the season finishes every team has its points, plus the handicap points it was given at the start.  The team with the most points in total is the winner.

Of all the football betting handicap games, the handicap league betting is by far the most interesting.  You really have to analyze each team in the league and think where they will come and then take into account their extra points.  The odds however can be really good and it’s great fun watching it over the season.  We recommend Skybet for this type of betting.  Use the banner below to join and try it, plus take advantage of their £20 in free bets for new members when you sign up:

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