Sky Bet Football

do not bet with sky bet footballWARNING – DO NOT USE SKY BET!

If you’re wondering whether to bet with Sky Bet football then hopefully you have read this in time. They are a rogue bookmaker who are blacklisted and we do not recommend that you deposit any money with them.

Sky Bet are rated as “Bad” on Trustpilot, with just 1/5 stars. Many customers state that they would have given zero stars if they could.

What Are The Issues?

The complaints about Sky Bet are almost too numerous to list, but here’s a summary of just some of the more recent customer feedback.

  • “Trying to withdraw funds from this company is almost as difficult as trying to speak to one of their customer service team.”
  • “I have been trying to sort out an issue regarding my account since the 10th of April it is now the 19th”
  • “The board of SkyBet are short-sighted, devious and dishonest.”
  • “Terrible customer service.”
  • “Not only have they taken the £50 out of our account they are refusing to pay the winnings on sky Vegas.”

We could go on, but you probably get the idea by now.

Sky Bet are actually not owned by the same people that run Sky Sports. The betting site is run under license and is owned by a third party company who simply pay to use the Sky name. It’s a shame for Sky that they seem to be intent in dragging that name through the mud.

Our Advice

It’s not only a case of dreadful customer feedback. The truth is that we have also had serious issues with Sky Bet on a personal level, and our business partners are actually in the process of suing them for breach of contract. This certainly has affected our opinions of them, but when you see the overwhelming evidence in terms of negative customer reviews, you can easily make up your own mind.

We recommend that you bet with a more trustworthy company that offers better service. There are plenty of good football betting sites around, so there is no need to waste your time and money with a dishonest one. Sky Bet should be avoided at all costs.