Virtual Football Betting


There’s a new opponent for you to play against and bet on – your computer.   The rise of virtual sport has been rapid and not surprisingly virtual betting has evolved along side it.  So now you can follow a virtual team and bet on the results of your match too. 

If you want to get to grips with virtual betting and virtual football then there a simple method to follow, simply apply the  same rules you would if you were analyzing a real life match.

At footballbettingtoday we only endorse a handful of bookies.  To see which few we believe are the most reliable head to our home page of best online bookies and see the rankingsNot surprisingly virtual football is based on the same rules you would think would apply in real life. The best teams normally wins  on virtual pitch and in the virtual results, but just like in real life the outsider can pop up and shock the big team.  One of the best things about virtual football betting is that the games are over in a minute and the next game comes along just a couple of minutes later.   All this fun is then enhanced by the chance to bet on a team and the outcome along the way. 
These are the sites with the best virtual football betting sites:


+ £30 free bet when you join


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Here’s a great strategy we found on the internet for virtual football betting:

– Pick an online bookie that offers virtual football betting (out top 3 are listed above)

– A typical wait between games is 2 minutes.   This means instead of waiting for ‘Saturday’ to arrive you can play 20 games an hour!

– The results are already determined.  In addition to this it will be a reflection of real life, ie the likes of Chelsea will be more likely to win. 

– There will be a variety of results in a season so they will be wins losses and draws – this is the key to making a profit.

–  There is a way you can now make a profit by progressive betting.  It can be unpopular in the real world, but in virtual football they spread the results around so you will get a win before the stakes get too high.  Keep betting on a draw until you win (and eventually you will).  Each stake must be enough to cover what you lost on the previous bet plus a little for profit.

– A £1 starting stake is enough to easily be making £10 – £20  an hour.

Use the Demo mode first when you join and you’ll get the hang of it real soon.  To join a bookie chose from one above, or click here to go to the home page where this a wider variety.